Nadun Dissanayake Kulasekera Mudiyanselage

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Hello, I'm Nadun. I'm currently a fourth-year P.h.D student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Michigan Technological University. I grew up in a beautiful city called Kandy, in Sri Lanka. I received a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the University of Peradeniya, Kandy Sri Lanka. My wife, Dhananjani Eriyagama, is also a graduate student at the Department of Chemistry, Michigan Technological University.

My research focuses on using the Radial basis function method to solve partial differential equations numerically. I use the RBF-FD method to discretize PDEs.  I'm specifically interested in applications in Geoscience fields.

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Mathematics Teaching & Education

Teaching math is my favorite hobby. Currently, I'm teaching the online elementary differential equations course at the MTU math department. I developed the online course and its contents to fit the modern online course curriculum. I'm also interested in flipping our classrooms into a student-centered class. My teaching research focuses on using technology to enhance student engagement and success. Apart from Mathematics, I enjoy traveling and photography. Making math videos is one of my favorite hobbies! I have two YouTube channels about Mathematics.

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Check out my YouTube channel for English speaking students from here

Check out my YouTube channel for Sri Lankan students from here


  • I was among the top 10% of the instructors at MTU based on student evaluations for both on-campus and online MA3520 courses in Fall 2019
  • Video about using math videos in your class uploaded - Here is the link
  • I became a certified online course reviewer for MTU
  • Video series about Cauchy sequences are now available
  • A new web-page for codes in numerical analysis will be published at the end of April
  • New numerical analysis YouTube video playlist will start soon

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  • Office: Fisher 327A
  • Address: Mathematical Sciences
    1400 Townsend Drive
    Houghton, Michigan 49931-1295
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